Coming to Vietnam, you will soon realize, that this is a land in transition, not really sure, what to target, where to head for. Though development in urban areas is slowly picking up, the country seems to be a place to hold its breath.

All over the world, Vietnam is still remembered by its latest war, which ended more than 30 years ago and left many visible and invisible wounds.

But despite all this: What you will see and experience makes you forget everything, you still have in your mind! You will find the Vietnamese people extremely friendly and highly cultivated, running their small enterprises like Restaurants and Cafés efficiently. Sit down for a rest or quench your thirst or satisfy you hunger on any road stall and see for yourself: People do not seem to be bitter, nature is fighting in many areas … wounds seem to heal slowly.

Vietnam is a land of utmost beauty; a masterpiece of green rice paddies; a coastal line, that stretches for more than 3000 km with unspoilt beaches; carst formations in Halong Bay creating a bizarre wonderland; cool and rugged mountains; fertile Red River delta in the North and Mekong in the south.

Come and enjoy! I will prepare a menu, that suits your taste! But bear in mind: Vietnam is stretching over different climate zones. The best months to get the most out of your visit will be the months of October to December. Then, you should have the best weather in both zones!

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