Early morning at the Joghang temple's entrance: the old lady standing up straight, clashing the palms of her hands and rising the arms high above her head - hesitating for a while, then opening the palms, falling down on her knees, stretching her arms again and throwing her whole body flat an the dusty concrete. This is repeated again and again and again ...

I watch her from behind, just like her little dog, which is waiting patiently. The lady is part of a very large number of pilgrims, who come here every day to prostrate on the temple's entrance. People arrive in groups or are just accompanied by their grandchildren or quite often by their little dogs.

I feel physical pain merely by watching the prostrators. I don't want to disturb the religious act, but after standing there for a long time, I approach two young women, who exercise in a corner. They can understand my Chinese and I learn, that they specially come to Lhasa each year to worship in front of the Joghang temple, the most important religious site for the Tibetan Buddhist. "We are prostrating here since three days and are not finished yet", they explain

I realise, the question 'Why' should not even be asked.

Yet Tibet is more than religion and myth. Geographically it is the Top of the World. And your body will make you feel this. Your high altitude destinations will most likely give you a headache, make you dizzy or short breathed during the first days. But your eyes will be rewarded by the sight of an incredible clear, blue sky, and views over green valleys or high passes and barren land, guarded by the eternal beauty of the Himalayan mountains.

A land, where Yaks, decorated with red ribbons are pulling the plough through the fields of the fertile Yarlung valley; where the endless sky is touching the horizon and colourful prayer flags protect the passes and mountains. Intense blue skies are challenging snow-capped mountains and stars have never been as close to you as here!

Tibet touches you: physically and mentally!

Come to see the Top of the World! It's probably a once in a lifetime experience and it will leave you astounded, exhausted and aware of the preciousness of human being. But don't expect to understand the secrets behind the Tibetan myth. Tibet has to be felt! It does not allow more than a glimpse!

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