Probably, Vietnamese people reveal their cheerful character best by performing one of their favourite theatres: The Water Puppet Show! Lift the curtain to see how much satisfaction and fun the musicians and performers have, playing for the audience.

Huge dragons are spitting fire, whilst swimming around a lake; a golden sword is dropped to the ground of the sea but is of course urgently needed to fight the dragon; water buffalos are ploughing a rice-field and beautiful princesses are performing a graceful dance.

Don't sit in the first row, you might get wet during the performance, advises a guide book! How can you have fun without getting wet? It's water puppet time!

Even though 54 ethnic groups inhabit the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, between 80 and 90 % are those of King (Viet or Annamites, like the French refer to them), i.e. Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese prefer to live in the lowland areas, where rice can be grown, the main source of income for thousands of years. And be honest, people with their traditionally shaped hat of rice-straw, bending over to plant young rice shoots, might remind you most of this country: Vietnam!

The people I met in Vietnam where considerate, quiet, helpful and efficient. An exception were the little boys hawking! They condemned me and mumbled something about evil fate, when I really didn't need postcards any more!

Come here to find out by yourself!

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