Nepal - a unique place on earth

Nepal, a country, about 800 km long and between 80 to 230 km wide. Just another "small" country. To make Nepal this unique place, it has the third dimension: altitude! Within its relatively small area, it has the greatest range of altitude to be seen on this earth, starting from the Terai at about 100 m above sea level, ending at the top of Mt. Everest at 8848 m, the highest point on earth!

Often a visitor's overriding goal is to see the mountains, hence neglecting all the other geological features. Try to experience ALL aspects Nepal's natural beauty!


Even if you cannot experience Mt. Everest by climbing it yourself, you can still get quite close to see its beauty! Enjoy an eye-level panoramic view of the Himalayas from an aircraft. Take one of the flights, that start from Kathmandu either at seven or nine o'clock in the morning to allow a near-range view from the comfort of an aircraft.

Spend the night in Nagarkot to see the sun set behind the Himalayan range from Annapurna all the way to Mt. Everest. Get up early next morning to follow the spectacular sunrise from your 360 viewpoint and see the peaks glowing red in the morning light.

Walk the streets of Pokhara City to enjoy the most stunning panorama of the Annapurna ranges. Row your boat over beautiful Phewa Lake to soak up the same beauty from a different perspective and the Fishtail Mountain soaring high upon the valley.

Get this land under your feet by trekking from Pokhara to the Dhaulagiri Ranges, to Jomsom. Or just decide for a hike that leaves you time to inhale this unsurpassed beauty!

National Parks

Let me show you the other face of Nepal, the watered plains and dense jungles! Start with Chitwan National Park, with its excellent lodging facilities and the most caring and knowledgeable rangers. They will help you to discover unexpected wildlife in a very considerate way. And still you need not miss the distant mountain views from the back of an elephant and over the morning mist of the river plain.

Go back to Kathmandu from the south via Darma, which offers the total view of the Himalayan Range. I felt like my heart was exploding not being able to hold this extremely beautiful sight.

Let me help you to experience this!

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