Hi Sigrid,
just wanted to tell you that we had a thoroughly wonderful trip to nepal. your 'partners' shree and sunil were the best. sunil was a great guide, very easy going, great sense of humor and shree was a great host. we were very grateful for your association with them.

thanks for organizing a great trip.
barb and mark brown

I have not had any response from you from my E-mail at least one week ago. If you didn't receive it we just loved Nepal and thought that Sunil was one of the best guides that we have ever experienced. Although his ac cent made communication/ understanding somewhat difficult at times he was genuinely interested in pleasing our whole group. He was knowledgable, flexible, very attentive and fun to travel with. Shree also was very nice to our group and especially so to Margaret who had to return early from Nepal to the U.S.You get an A for the whole trip!

Linda Breitbach

Dear Sigrid
Thank you so much for organizing our trip to Nepal. The whole trip was very, very well organized and Sunil was just an amazing guide. Shree was also very kind and took us to a private Nepali party on our last night. We had an absolutely wonderful time and I don't think any of us had ever seen and experienced so much diversity in one country. Our mouths were constantly open with amazement. It was even better than you had described it and it definitely outdid any expectations that we had.

Thank you so much again

Schoene Gruesse von Andreas an Martin

Amelia & Andreas Herrmann

Hi Sigrid,
Glad you received your payment and yes, we had an absolute wonderful time!! One of our best trips ever...

Thanks for all your help.


Lisa & Terry

Dear Sigrid,
Thanks for your mail. Sorry for my long silence. Did I thank you for the photos you sent? If I haven't then - Thank you for the photos. It reminded me of the great time I had, actually the best time I had during the whole trip. It is hot and uncomfortable in Kathmandu these days and it makes your brain work slow...

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