In 1994, when I decided to live in Shanghai, China for several years, my imagination of this country was vague. Through the works of Confucius, Lu Xun, Marco Polo, Mao Zedong, Pearl S. Buck and others, my picture of China was shaped yet incomplete and rather confused. My attitude towards the actual situation was naive, my knowledge poor.

I soon realized, that the most important fact to overcome my lack of knowledge was to speak the language, write the characters, read the literature and talk to the people. Moreover, I started to travel the country. And I did it the hard way! Public buses, dormitories, roadside noodle soup stalls; and endless quarrels with local 'providers'...

I learnt, what it meant to travel beyond developed destinations and what it took to penetrate different cultures. But the joy of having discovered the undiscovered made it all up.

During the years, my language skills improved, my knowledge about China grew, my travel destinations extended to the bordering countries and my experience developed further. And all the time I had one desire: to let other people participate in the deep impressions and joy of meeting people from different cultures, but this time without hardship. To enable people to travel the culturally sensitive way in very small groups: 'beyond the guidebook'.

Soon I started building a network of diligent and reliable local partners wherever I travelled. Discussing every single aspect that could be of interest or importance for a guest, travelling in the respective country, I tried to minimize the hassle I had experienced.

My aim was to create a service, that would take guest's individual wishes into account and combine local knowledge with a sophisticated, safe and time efficient way to travel. Take local guides for example, which are waiting for you, if you wish. Or private cars, which let you stop, whenever you want. This is, what I mean with tailoring a trip to your taste!

At the end it was only logic to offer my services to the expatriate community in China, sending Italians to Vietnam, Belgians to Myanmar, Australians to Mongolia, French to Cambodia, Americans to Nepal and English to Tibet. They all came back ? and loved my way of organizing their trips the considerate way!

Now, back in Europe, my invitation to travel the individual way, 'Guided by MY Experience' and the expertise and care of my trustworthy local partners is extended to YOU!

Guiding you safely through remote areas needs your confidence! Rest assured that you are monitored by my local partners, wherever you are on your tour! Believe me, your confidence will be rewarded!

Go through my pages, enjoy the pictures I took during the years roaming the high Asian countries and contact me by phone, fax or, best, e-mail. I'll get in touch with you right away to assist you!

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